Wallpaper in Bathrooms…Really?

Traditionally, wallpaper and moisture could not be put into the same sentence, never mind in the same room together. These days, with the arrival of Cara Saven Wall Design’s Wall Coverings, which have no paper-based properties, having a Wall Mural in your bathroom is a very real reality.

Wallpaper in the bathroom - palm tree wallpaper design

At Cara Saven Wall Design, we use two Seamless Wallpaper substrates daily in our bathroom installations. One of these is our locally produced, Proudly South African, Vividtex wallpaper which is not only moisture resistant but is also scratch-proof and can be cleaned vigorously with water and a non-abrasive cleaner. This makes it perfect for bathrooms but also for bathrooms and rooms in Hotels or Air BnBs, where you do not need to worry about guests damaging the print.

Wallpaper in the bathroom with a bathtub and basin
Botanical wallpaper in a white bathroom.

But are there any tips when it comes to wallpapering your bathroom? For sure!

Always ensure that there is good ventilation. Moisture needs to go somewhere, so make sure it’s leaving through an open window or an extractor fan. The second tip is to always get your bathroom wallpaper installed professionally by a team who knows the correct adhesives and sealants to use to ensure that moisture doesn’t creep in behind the wallcovering. Lastly, never use wallpaper that is made up of any paper – even if you think your wallpaper is vinyl, it very possibly could have a paper backing, making it unusable for a bathroom walls.

So, what are you waiting for?

Always wanted a view of Venice from the bath; dreamed of showering in a tropical rainforest, or just looking to bring some life to an old and dreary guest bathroom? Choose any Cara Saven Wall Design from our various ranges and let us know it’s definitely for your bathroom!