Flower Power

Floral wallpapers have always been a thing. From ditsy to oversized. But the latest trends in Floral designs are getting us hot under the collar for all the right reasons. They are taking us on a trip down memory lane or making us reimagine traditional floral patterns.

Gucci are leading the way in bringing back the graphic and colourful floral prints of the 1970s and we are seeing it creep into wallpaper trends as well, with bold colour and organic shapes. This is for the brave designers who aren’t scared of being a little “out there” with their clients.

Still keeping with the 1970s is the return of florals in hues that speak of sun and sand like ochre and terracotta. They are a gorgeous backdrop to use if you are wanting to layer a space or for a kid’s bedroom where you are looking for something more subtle. This is the new monochrome in florals and is such a beautiful update to the use of black and white, allowing you to bring in a bit more life to a space.
Chinoiserie has been a huge influence in floral wallpaper designs for the last 5 years and are still very much around with updates happening mostly to their colour palettes which are looking fresh in tones of pinks and greens and yellows and blues.
What would a floral blog be without mentioning oversized floral wallpapers? Bigger is better in our world, especially when it comes to blooms. Updates are around colour and pattern or the combining thereof.
Florals are also joining forces with paint techniques to become more abstract versions of themselves. Look out for ink splotches that resemble a flower but prefer to tell a story that is more fluid and fun.
Peace out!